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About Catherine

Catherine is an avid writer, poet, equestrian, and world traveler, a dedicated mother and friend, a true lover of nature. She has been writing since she was a young girl and crafting poetry since the age of 12. Words touch us all and can change the trajectory of our imagination.

She holds a BA in communications/business management from Metropolitan State University in Denver and an Animals and Human Health graduate certification from the University of Denver. For more than twenty years, her career in Washington, D.C., revolved around senior-level logistical and management support to a U.S. Ambassador/philanthropist and technical writing at the U.S. Department of State. Upon her return to Colorado in 2014, she resumed her passion for writing and giving back to the world.  She is the founder of BeHerd, LLC, an equine-assisted, confidence-building activities program.


A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Catherine now resides in Durango, Colorado, is the proud mother of Alec Aziz, and relishes her role as caretaker of her rescue horse, Dancer.

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